Friday, August 29, 2014

New Experiences

The Future is for New Experiences.

So up until last nigh I was able to say, " I have never broken a bone" . I can no longer say this.
I was walking home from the lake, the lake is a mile from my house walking though the woods, and I hit my toe on a tree root. So I walked back to the road, where un-known to me was my sisters fiancĂ© Justin, with his el comino, to take me back to the house. My mom looked at my toe and decided going to the ER was pointless, all they were going to do is wrap it to the other toe and put it in a boot. So she wrapped it and put it in a boot from when she broke her toe. it Still hurts but I think I can live. Today should be really interesting, I have Anatomy+Physiology lab today.

Monday, August 25, 2014

End of summer

The Summer at the End.

      I start school tomorrow, meaning summer is officially over. As I have said before my summer has been full. But I am looking forward, this coming Semester I will learn a new language, American Sign Language.
      My goal this fall is not to learn as much as I can, but instead learn what I am perfectly, Quality not quantity.  And not to stress but to focus. this last part will be the hardest I normally stress in order to focus, but I am tired of feeling out of control and stressed all the time, so I will teach myself to focus with out stressing, hopefully.
      The future is full of hope, I know I often forget this, maybe you do to. We should try to remember this.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Making the right decisions.

Recently I had a conversation with my sister, about making the right decision. We talked about how sometimes we already know what that is but we need to hear it from some one else.
This past year I have made some bad decisions and some good ones, and I still have a lot to make. The older I get the more these decisions impact the rest of my life, which mean (for me any way) the harder the get. My toughest decision is no longer, what to wear, or weather or not to obey my mom when she says to go do the dishes. Now I have to decide whether or not I should go away to college after I finish at community college. I have to make decisions about dating.
I'm glad that I have an awesome support group around me, I have my mom, my sisters, my aunt Lauren, my friend Ryan, and many others who are there, and may not know it but say something and helps me in some way. All of these people help in making decisions, weather its past conversations we have had, or their advice on a specific situation. Sometimes its even something negative that they say that say or do, that helps me.
Thank you to them all for being there for me.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


How much time do we spend waiting?

We spend time waiting in lines every where, we often wait for the right time to say something important, sometimes we have to wait for others. We spend a lot time waiting for things in the long run may not have a huge impact on our lives. Why are we willing to spend 24 hours in line for concert tickets but we get aggravated when someone takes 2 minuets to cross the road? In todays world we are very much focused on pleasing self, and care little for others. We want those tickets because they will give Us entertainment for a couple of hours, but the person crossing the road is only slowing Us down.
I challenge you this week to slow down and try waiting with out getting impatient. When we wait for something it can make it that much more valuable.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014



I feel like I should know a little something about those reading my blog so I am asking any who reads this to comment ins thing about them selves. It can be any thing. Like your favorite color or movie, if your a dog or cat person. Any thing you want to.
Thank you

Monday, August 11, 2014

Good bye summer

Good bye Summer

       Summer is almost over :( It has been a summer of fun, crummy days, Hard work, beginnings, and ends. 
       I started my summer off with school, I took a Biology class. I have run two goat shows and will run one in September, my friend Ryan helps me to run them. My cousins from Kansas were out here for a couple of weeks and I had fun with them. I spent a week with my aunt and we did all sorts of stuff. I had to end a friendship after 8 years. I helped my family do hay. (Doing hay involves picking up bales of hay from the field then un loading them in the hay loft, generally on really hot days)
      A full summer, that was for most of it good, Thank you to everyone who was in my summer and helped to make it great, from awesome class mates, to Ryan who is always there to help me, to my cousins for being completely adorable, to my aunt for giving great advice.        
Thank You!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2014



I think the only thing harder than losing some you care about, is ending a friendship after a number of years. this is growing up Im told. ppl change.
does that make it easier.... absolutely not. my love goes out to any one who has gone through this.

A Fun Time

A fun time

I had a blast at my aunts house. Here are some pics!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014



Yesterday  had a great time picking and processing blueberries with my aunt Lauren and her mom.
This morning I made blueberry pancakes.

Delicious !!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014



This week I am at my aunt Lauren's, this means a relaxing week watching my two favorite cousins. So far we have had a picnic in the back yard, played in the kiddie pool, made ice cream  and made a mud solar system. Today we are going blueberry picking. I love spending time with them.

My aunt Lauren is an Amazing person. She has listened to me complain about everything, she gives advice on how to deal with life and all the problems it brings. My mom and I don't always agree, or get along and my aunt Lauren has listened to it all and told how I could handle it. She has been a great motivator and councilor. She is really AMAZING! I don't know if I would be as close with my mom as I am now if I wasn't for her.

Here are fav. cousins and Aunt. :)

Saturday, August 2, 2014



My Grandpepe, (my mom's, mom's father) Past away this past December, from cancer. He would have turned 92 this month. He was love by everyone, and missed by all. He stayed married to a woman who didn't treat him the best but he loved her even when it was hard. He was loyal, honest, and........ REAL. Everything he said had a reason, a purpose. At all the family gatherings he would tell anyone and everyone stories about his child hood and how it was growing up. I think his plan was if he told us the stories enough we would never be able to forget them, and trust me we haven't.

In his memory I, with the help of my mom, put a slide show of all the pictures I could find of him and the family.    Grandpepe video