Friday, February 26, 2016

the new me

I have changed!!!! Shocking right, who knew that moving out of your parents would change you.
One year ago i was timid shy, go with everyone said, i wouldn't think for myself i would take what the adults in my life said was truth never doubting. Then i moved out and didn't interact with those that told me how to think so i was forced to come up with my own thoughts and emotions. Let me tell you that is scary stuff!
Growing up i had been "programmed" to think the world was black and white, good and bad, Godly and ungodly. But now i know thats not the way the world works. The world is really complicated, and a gray scale, and mix of everything.
Relationships, have levels. Which is weird, but thats the best way i can explain it, and i will so bare with me. When you meet some you enter the first layer, you typically don't share your life's deepest secrets with them right off the bat, you may share casual conversation with them. As you interact with them more and more, you tell them more about yourself, and some people will know everything about you, but people don't have to move up through the layers thats the beauty of it, you choose what you want to tell them. YOU ARE IN CONTOL OF THE WHOLE THING !! You decide what level you interact with them on.
Emotions, you can be sad-mad, happy-sad, you can be any mix of emotions, just watch the Pixar movie Inside Out. Lol
People, everyone has a dark side but not everyone is dark or bad. Some of the nicest people have the worst stories, but they don't let the not so great sides rule their life.
Life is this impossible conundrum, but we get to play in it, and make the best out of what we got.