Saturday, October 25, 2014


Sometimes coming clean is the hardest thing to do.

Most of us have kept secretes from someone we love, usually for a variety of reason. Sometimes to keep them from getting hurt, or to keep there sprits up, and sometimes to let them keep their happiness. Sometimes those secrets start to chip away at us, and we break.  But I think the hardest secrets to keep are those that put us in a hard place between two people we love, in order to keep one person we would have to let the other down. and that is not easy.
 Some would say that you just have to choose who you want and hope the other understands, but I find it hard to take that gamble, I wouldn't want to loses anyone.
On occasion when we come clean we can get a pleasant surprise and we can have both people we want, Tonight I told my mom something I was keeping a secret from her, and I got the complete opposite response than I was expecting, she was ok with it, she warned me to be carful but she was ok with it.
I guess when we have faith that if its meant to be then it will work out if its not then God will put an end to it, I am happy he saw fit that I didn't let anyone down, or have to give anyone up, to be at ease.

A Car

The Symbol of owning a car.

OK, so I have a car now, and this means a lot. If you think about it, it means you are rich (compared to most of the world), you have a certain amount of responsibility, and your an adult-ish...
Today I spent most of the morning and afternoon detailing my car cleaning every nook and cranny, it looks like a new car on the inside now. It is a 2002 Ford Torus, it needs a little body work but it is perfect for me. In the next couple of months I will be working on getting my drivers license and registering the car. :) I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life but  am entering a nervous (as I normally do).

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Nathalie Graduation

Next spring  my sisters Nathalie graduates from bob jones university, in SC. my paprents are trying to go down to see her walk and they would like to take the whole family with them, but the problem is that we have to rent a car and when you have 4-5 kids, and two adult going and 2 year worth of stuff comeing back, you need a BIG car. on top of this is a hotel room for all of the people, gas for the car, then you have to feed all of those people, (the get kind of cranky if you don't), so my mom created this thing for any one who wants to donate to the trip, kind of as a gift to Nat.

Donate to the Trip
 I have no idea how it works, but if you can get to work and you are able to donate any thing thank you.

P.S. If the link doesn't work please let me know. :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


This weekend I went to my aunt Lauren's. We talked about some stuff I was struggling with, and both her and my uncle gave me some great advice. they helped me to see that I was stressing my self out for no real reason. ad they helped form a plan so I don't have to be stressed. How amazing are they!
  I love my aunt and uncle, they are second only to my parents :)

Also we went to the Scottish highland games, Wow I have never seen that many guys in kilts before... I had fun, I saw guys throwing big rocks, sword play, listened to bag pipes and had some Rumple thump (a potato dish) and shortbread.  :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014



I Absolutely love rain,  ill go and just stand in it. I love the way it sounds in the woods, the way it smells after a rain storm, HMMMM I Love rain! :) This morning I woke up in a irritated mood, but upon going out side and finding out that was raining :) my day got better. I did my chores and if I didn't have school this morning I would stay out there till I was thoroughly soaked:)

I love rain!