Thursday, July 31, 2014



 One thing I enjoy doing is taking pictures of my family and my moms gardens.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Frist post

This is my first post... An introduction into who I am and my life/ world.

I'm 16 years old, the middle child of 5 girls, My dad is a professional Firefighter, and my mom is a stay home mom,, she is currently homeschooling my too little sisters . My old sisters and I are in collage Abby (the oldest) with graduate in Dec. Nathalie ( the next one) and I will graduate this coming Spring. Abby and I go to Three Rivers Community College and Nathalie goes to Bob Jones University in SC.
 I live on a Farm, we have always had pets, but when I was four we got goat, shortly later we started to show them a fairs, over time we got more and more goats ands soon the goats was what we were known for was the goats we would do 13 fairs a summer, and we had close to 30 goats. We were in 4-H from the time we were 7 ( the minimum age), This is how I grew up and had fun for a long time but last year I decided that I wasn't having fun any more. So I sold my goats and got a puppy, her name is Jewel. She I super cute. I still enjoy hanging out at the fairs with people that I have grown up with. But Abby is aged out of 4-H, and going to get married next year so she is not doing the as Manny fairs and the only other person that still shows is Samantha ( the youngest) so we aren't doing ads many fairs. 
SO that is a basic history and here are some pics to put some faces to names:)
Left: Me, Mitchell (cousin), Rachel (sister), Cora (cousin), Samantha (youngest sisters), Shay (cousin), Francesca (cousin)

 Holding the blue umbrella Abby, holding the red one, Justin (Abby's FiancĂ©), in between them, Uncle Andy, Next row Left: Peep, Meme, Aunt Lauren, and my Mom.

Some of the 4-H group and two of my sisters
I hope you have enjoyed my post and will continue to read the rest as they come.