Thursday, September 29, 2016

News flash: Family is the best thing ever!!!

OK so we all know the last two years have been strained between me and my family.

Well the last week or two, I have been SO blessed by my family. I'm moving which is very stressful, incase you didn't know. Dealing with 2 landlords, a real estate agent, my old room mate, coordinating with my sister that I'm moving in with, ect. It's been crazy! My family has been SO helpful! Mom has been very involved in this whole process, helping us find the apartment. Mom and Dad took me to see the apartment and meet the landlord. They helped us financially with the deposit. Abby offered up a room in her house for me too stay for the week so I could make this whole thing work. She has been a great host, and I've had a great time staying there. When my tire went flat and the spare was just as flat, Justin helped me. When I was at my wits end and feeling beyond stressed out, Lauren helped me see that this month has not been all bad, that some major good things have happened. Like Trey having a very serious and long awaited conversation with my mom. For which I am so proud of him and her, words can not covey how glad I am that it went SOOO smoothly.

The last two weeks have been REALLY hard, but I have felt VERY blessed by my family the entire time. A friend of mine was commenting that she was glad I was doing better with my parents and said, "everyone has their shit, but family are the people that forgive you and love you all the same despite your shit". No matter what I do, I know my family loves me, wither they like it or not.

Having my family involved in my life again, is amazing, and I hope we never split again.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

We've Been Programed!!!

So at work today I noticed that we have programed responses....

Yeah just like a computer we have conditioned to say certain things. How many times today has someone asked you how you were doing and with pausing to think, you reply with your typical answer; fine, im okay, good, finer than a frogs hair (my dads favorite). And at the end of your interaction when they say have a good day, you reply "you too".

Now this is NOT a conspiracy theory! The government is not tampering with our brains. These responses are not wrong or bad in any way, but often they are insincere. I know for me its easier to tell every one Im doing good, even when before talked to them I was wiping tears from my eyes. Id rather LIE and tell them in not falling apart, or tiered, or in a really bad mood. Why is this??? Is it because we don't want people to know we aren't perfect? or simply our personal business? Is it because it would take 4 more seconds to give a truthful answer? Do we think the other person wont care? do we not want to burden other people with our problems?  I know I have used all these reasons to rationalize lying. Im sure you have your set of reasons too.
Now I have some sympathy when this is done to complete strangers, but when we do this to people we know! WHY????? They already know a lot about us. Why can't we be honest with them for 4 seconds!?!?! Im guilty of this, just as much as the next person. I refuse to blame social media for this, because I've been doing this way longer than I've been on FaceBook, or had a cell phone.
I honestly don't understand why I do this. It bothers me to no end that I do it, yet breaking a habit after 8+ years!?!?!? its going to be hard... but I want to stop being so insincere with my conversations. Maybe just maybe, it'll make my days better, to the point where replying with a good, it the truth.
I hope you have a great day, (really I do)  ;)