Sunday, January 8, 2017

New year....

Ok so it's been a while, but things have been nuts. The whole car situation got most of the way solved. So I bought a car when the insurance money finally came in, but that car turned out to be not safe to drive, so we are trying to get my money back from the people but well they don't want to give it back. My parents paid for a car for me, I will be paying them back for the next 2 years.
Christmas was great!!! I had fun with all of my family's (Treys and mine). It was nice to be include in to treys traditions this year. I had so much fun I can't even being to explain, I think we went to 6 or 7 Christmas parties.
New years was quite, I baby sat for aunt Lauren.
Apparently nat and I went through more oil then we should have considering the thermastat was set at 65 or lower. Yesterday in the snow storm, it was discovered that we had no oil and therfore no heat. So that was, IS stress full.
So I'm stressed about trying to make a little money go a very long way, so this is the not fun part of adulting.

Even though I'm really stressed, I know I'll figure it out. The big guy upstairs always seems to make things work in ways I can't explain, I shouldn't have been able to make my rent for the last two months, but I managed to. I have some really great friends, that always seem to know what I need, with out me asking them. I have a great family that supports me all the time. The relationship between me andy mom has gotten to the point that she now text me to find out why I haven't visited in a few days. Which I think is great!! I love my mom, over the last month no matter what problems I through at her she always has an answer, I may not agree but it's nice to know she takes the time to try and help me. I'm really thankful for the people in my life. I can't even being to explain how everyone has touched me. It's been a really stressful and yet blessed month.