Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Personal Growth

If you couldn't tell by now I like looking at my personal growth, I find it really encouraging.

SO one year ago I did something that changed my life COMPLETLY! I told my parents (upon being black mailed) that I was still talking the man they told me not to, for many reasons. I confessed to (most of) the stuff we did. This changed things for me, my parents, sisters, and Trey.

My parents GRACIOUSLY gave me THREE options, as to how I could proceed; I chose to move out. Now before you start in on my parents go back and re-read that sentence.... did you re-read it? Good. Notice that I said Graciously, options, and chose; No? Try again. I said those thing because they didn't have to give me any options, let alone three. They allowed me to make my own decision about my life. Which is like the nicest thing they could of done, considering that I had been SERIOUSLY lying to them for a LONG time. That had a major, huge, ginormous, impact on my relationship with my parents and sisters. For a long time there was a very very strained relationship between me and them. There was ALWAYS love for each other, but interactions were strained. However I am really excited and proud to report that the relationship with my parents and sisters, has become something so very wonderful. I have gotten closer to my little sister (they may be taller than me but they will always be my little sisters), mom and will talk about our life problems like two friends might. Talking with mom used to terrify me (I don't know why) but now I look forward to my conversations with her, and enjoy being in her company. I get giddy when I know I'm going to see them. (LIKE TONIGHT!!!!!!!) Now this may because I hate being alone, but my sisters are great, and are growing up into enchanting young woman! Things that they used to that drive me crazy, (Nathalie I know you will make a comment that its not a far drive)  I now cherish. I love my family, ALL of them.
The last year held a lot of tears, but I am very relieved about how everything worked out. As the diamond starts off as a black smelly mess, coal; so did that chapter of my life. However though the pressure, we all came out more like diamonds <> I still have a long way to go, and that excites me.
Peace and blessings :) <3