Friday, December 2, 2016

Can things get any crazier????

YIKES!! So its been a long time since I have posted... Things have been REALLY busy crazy!

So I think last time I was here was before I moved... SO I moved. I now live with my older sister. We share a 2 bedroom apartment in Moodus. I am loving it! Her and I are working out a few "kinks", but its still way better than my old apartment.
I now know how to deal with a bank when your debt card gets scammed... that was fun...well they had fun anyway, they were in Nevada. :/
I left my job at Absolute Auto, and now do before and after school care for a sweet girl. I also dog sit in the middle of the day. J
On the first day of my new jobs I was in a car accident that totaled my car. I am not hurt at all, but have been with out a car for about a month now. I have been dealing with his insurance company, because I was not at fault. He drove OVER the hood of my car... :/  I am still waiting for the check from them, so I can purchase a new car.
I now have two cats, Dumble-Dorf (aka Mr.Prick-els) is a boy, and Smoke is a girl. They are very cute, and need LOTS of petting. The other day I was trying to eat some chips and he kept trying to get one, so I gave him one and he licked all the salt off and then left it in the middle of the floor...

In the last few months, I have been so very thankful for my parents and family. They have helped me SO very much, with well... everything. Even now I'm typing on moms computer. The relationship between me and my mom is probably the best it has EVER been. I am very happy about that. My family extends to beyond the reaches of this house. My aunt and uncle continue to be a huge blessing. Lauren has helped me navigate this twisted path of anxiety, and has been a rock on which I climb when I feel like I'm drowning.  Andy has been giving me great life advice and tips. Treys family has been great as well they are always there if I just need to chill and relax. Trey and I have made Sunday dinners at there house, our tradition. I enjoy these dinners immensely, they are a time of jesting and fun. Trey has also been hard at work repairing the relationship with my parents, for this I am both happy and thankful.
  I am excited for the holidays coming up, I am helping mom with preparations. Yesterday I spent the afternoon wrapping garland on the railing posts. I am very excited for all the parties, I love getting together with every one. This year is a mix of Treys family and mine, which is very exciting for me.

Oh yeah I turn 19, tomorrow... :) I cant believe I am already 19! ahhh!!!!

I hope to post more regularly but with the holidays, I make no promises. XOXO